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Fucking Machines: Sybian orgasms, clothespins and The Snake

Today it’s upstairs, downstairs double updates. Upstairs Tasha teases and torments Krystal Main with the Sybian AND the magic wand on her clit, while downstairs, Jamey Janes covers herself with clothes pins from the AutoZipper and gets randy with the Snake machine.
The Sybian makes Krystal’s lovely full boobs shake and her whole frame quiver as Tasha cranks the machine and applies the magic wand to her nips and clit.
And Jamey Janes – a blond beginner – hits sub set, orgasm put, outer screwing space when the outfits pins fly off her body with a press of a button on The AutoZipper putting her over the orgasm edge. This machine is so masochistic, we gave it to Device Bondage! But we’ll be certain to borrow it back when ladies like Jamey come our way and need that extra bit of pain to cum.