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Kelly Divine DP With A Mean Fucking Machine

In the first scene, Kelly fucks a 7 inch long purple man meat that looks like a pencil in between her round, voluptuous mud flaps. Kelly takes it like a champ, making the thick dude meat work for her as she grinds away.
Now that she’s had a little taste of what the machines can do, we adorable conversation her into a deep DP’s which has Kelly writhing on the couch. Getting fucked in the twat is rare for Kelly as she is so much of an Backside Beauty, so don’t miss this change to look at her cum from both holes at once.

Kelly Divine Gonzo Ass Blaster Machine

This update was shot live with the unbeatable Kelly Devine who loves ass sex so much, it’s become her hardcore bragging correct. She takes objects and sex sex toys bigger than any model FM has seen in a LOOONG time. She’s breaks in our latest machine – The Faun – a beautiful beast made from recycled bicycle parts and magic. Seriously. Kelly leans the Faun into her, cranks up the geared vibrator and easily takes a thick cock between her round cheeks and deep into her rear.
Then, for fun, we tie her hair to the back end on the Butt Blaster and see a forearm size pecker pork her ass while a long dong fucks her mouth. She gets the hard sex bonus of a good hair pulling while the Ass Blaster fucks her rump.