Kelly Divine DP With A Mean Fucking Machine

fucking machine double penetration
In the first scene, Kelly fucks a 7 inch long purple man meat that looks like a pencil in between her round, voluptuous mud flaps. Kelly takes it like a champ, making the thick dude meat work for her as she grinds away.
Now that she’s had a little taste of what the Fucking Machines can do, we adorable conversation her into a deep DP’s which has Kelly writhing on the couch. Getting fucked in the twat is rare for Kelly as she is so much of an Backside Beauty, so don’t miss this change to look at her cum from both holes at once.

Speculums, forcep nipple clamps and The Sybian

fucking machines
DragonLily spreads Bobbi’s clam with a speculum and makes her orgasm from fingering her ass while the speculum reveals the inner contractions of Bobbi’s jizz. The tool is covered in Bobbi’s get off when it is freed from her twat.
And then it is a Sybian War. It was supposed to be a Sybian contest but the rules quickly fly out the window as these two depart testicles out trying either to cause nip torment or orgasms until they are both jizzing uncontrollably. You might find yourself laughing with a boner while watching this capture!

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Sybian Fucking Machine: Hot Blond Screwing The Snake Machine

fucking machines videos

Krystal has never used the Sybian and during this live flash a member requested total clit overload. Sounds fun – so out comes the magic wand WITH the Sybian. Tasha is a little like Vanna Light skinned in this scene where she really facilitates Krystal’s get off overload.

Downstairs, the horny pain slut, Jamey Janes vids outfits pins to her body and straddles The Snake for a pussy screwing. Just before she cums she pushes the button on the AutoZipper and bam – the videos go flying from her skin across the room leaving her in a state of pure sensory overload. Her second electric orgasm after the vids come off is euphoric and well, loud!

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Fucking Machines: Sybian orgasms, clothespins and The Snake

fucking machines videos
Today it’s upstairs, downstairs double updates. Upstairs Tasha teases and torments Krystal Main with the Sybian AND the magic wand on her clit, while downstairs, Jamey Janes covers herself with clothes pins from the AutoZipper and gets randy with the Snake machine.
The Sybian makes Krystal’s lovely full boobs shake and her whole frame quiver as Tasha cranks the machine and applies the magic wand to her nips and clit.
And Jamey Janes – a blond beginner – hits sub set, orgasm put, outer screwing space when the outfits pins fly off her body with a press of a button on The AutoZipper putting her over the orgasm edge. This machine is so masochistic, we gave it to Device Bondage! But we’ll be certain to borrow it back when ladies like Jamey come our way and need that extra bit of pain to cum.

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Sci-Fi Sex: Metal Machine Fuck

fucking machines videos
Tori is the gorgeous amateur. She is deep asleep when she is lifted from her bed and transported to a science lab where no humans are present. Just Tori and orderly, cool steel machines.
She has suction cups placed on her small tit nipples and she is tied down to a glowing light table while a mechanical man meat pressing into her clam for reactions. At first she is in complete shock, but slowly she becomes more turned on until she cums. But once she has finished the machines don’t stop. They barely slow down until she is stressed and overstimulated.
Surgical tools are used to clamp vibrators, pry open her backside cheeks and her mouth and Tori’s exposed frame is scanned like inventory and left with a permanent mark of where she has been…

Exclusively from Fucking Machines

Suction Cup Sex With Goat Milkers

fucking machines
Madison Scott is a total babe. She plays with The Goat Milkers on her clit and round nips until she is ready for a doing the nasty with the Intruder MK II which fucks her so rapid the dildo is a blur.
The best portion is when she stretches out for the Tiny Man. In a standing harness, Madison nearly purrs with the feel of rope on her skin, that is, until she squirts!

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Gigi Screws The Sybian Machine

fucking machines
Gigi is 19, three weeks into the industry and talks huge game. Her confidence is uncanny – it’s like there is a 28 year old locked inside her petite 19 year old frame. She gets naked fast and jumps on the Spreader in the place position. Okay, Gigi let’s see what you got.
She takes a good, solid fucking but her orgasms are near silent. That or she is so quick to reload, we can pork her to no end. Or so it seems – The Sybian finally wins out and she begs for the machine to finish. Her clam lets all in the close up gape shot where her hot orgasm leaks out with her contracting lips. Thank you Gigi!

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She rides the Sybian, Fawn And The Mamba

fucking machines
Billi Ann is a new comer who has never seen anything like the machines. She doesn’t become entirely comfortable until she discoveries that riding the machines is a lot like riding her other desire – horses! Hey, whatever works.
She tucks her legs behind her backside like she’s clenching the middle of a stud and giddy-ups on the Sybian with a screaming get off!
The seamless shifting of jerk off Length on the new Mamba also provides a perfect orgasm as the multi-stroke adjustment changes with her passion for short and fast or long and deep without even stopping the machine. And The Faun blows her mind with the perfectly positioned vibrator and weightless motion of the machine that allows her to move, adjust and even screw the machine back. Not bad for a rookie!

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Aurora Snow Fucking Machines LIVE

fucking machines
Aurora Snow said no to machines for about 4 years. Finally we get her here for a live show and she’s well worth the wait. Worth the wait not because she gives a performance but because she gives a genuine shagging.
She is not scared to tell it like it is and her honest response to the machines matches the hottness of her getting pummeled. This is not a typical update because she needs a human to acquire her off. In the heat of the live flash we take matters into our possess hands literally and give Aurora two full orgasms. If you want to see Aurora artificial it, then go elsewhere. If you want to look at Aurora Snow getting a good screwing, pleasing herself and having a real orgasm then check out this update.

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Kelly Divine Gonzo Ass Blaster Machine

fucking machines
This update was shot live with the unbeatable Kelly Devine who loves ass sex so much, it’s become her hardcore bragging correct. She takes objects and sex sex toys bigger than any model FM has seen in a LOOONG time. She’s breaks in our latest machine – The Faun – a beautiful beast made from recycled bicycle parts and magic. Seriously. Kelly leans the Faun into her, cranks up the geared vibrator and easily takes a thick cock between her round cheeks and deep into her rear.
Then, for fun, we tie her hair to the back end on the Butt Blaster and see a forearm size pecker pork her ass while a long dong fucks her mouth. She gets the hard sex bonus of a good hair pulling while the Ass Blaster fucks her rump.

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