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Young Coed Fucked Hard By a Merciless Machine

One Friday a month The Armory opens up for guided tours.. About the only thing bigger than the 200,000 square feet building is the local rumours of what goes on behind it’s two feet thick, brick and mortar walls.
When college goddess, Danica sneaks away from her tour group to the mysterious 4th Floor, she is not disappointed by what she finds.
Peter’s recent sex party has left machines about the lounge and Danica quickly hops on Pandora’s Box to rub one out before she gets caught.
With one fast and dirty orgasm pummeled out of her, she is too tempted to leave so like Goldilocks, she moves on to a bigger guy meat and stronger machine. She leaves her label with The Assblaster as she squirts on the 19th century couch from the machine screwing her clam and then her backside.